Functions of the Kaduna SUBEB

1. Establishes and manages early child care centers, primary schools, nomadic schools special need schools and junior secondary schools in the FCT.

2. Recruits, appoint, posts, deploy, promote and discipline teaching and non teaching staff on grade level 07 and above

3.  Establishes an effective and functional quality assurance unit that will ensure compliance to standards by all components of the UBE programme;

4.  Train and retrain teaching and non teaching staff on grade 07 and above;

5.  Purchase and distribute instructional materials to early Child Care Centre, Primary Nomadic, Special Need and Junior Secondary Schools in the FCT.

6.  Encourages community participation in school ownership and management,

7.  Provides enabling environment and encourages pupils/students participation in curricular and cocurricular activities to optimum expression of their talents;

8.  Disburse funds provided by federal agencies (e.g UBEC and FCTA) to the LEA’s Schools and community.

9.  Coordinates and regulate the activities of the Local Education Authorities;

10.  Conducts research and establishes basic education data bank

11.  Carries out mass mobilization and sensitization of the communities in the FCT with the aim of achieving the basic education goals;

12.  Promotes linkages and partnership with national and international agencies  for the development of basic education.